Care Guide

All that glitters is not gold

To maintain the quality and value of your Precious Moments coin collection, it is important to care for them properly. Improper cleaning or storage can result in damage to the coin’s surface, which can significantly decrease its value and even impact its appearance.

Fine Silver is prone to tarnish, a chemical reaction when fine silver comes into contact with oxygen and other impurities in the air. Your silver products may appear yellow or grey, if tarnished.

We are sharing a few tips that may help you prevent tarnishing by reducing the exposure of your Silver product to oxidation.

Tip 01


Do not take out the product from capsule / sealed packaging
TIP 02


Place your products in vacuum sealed packaging and in a dry place
TIP 03

Expert Advice

Refrain from using zip lock bags or plastic bags

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    Precious Moments is a brand by the ACPL Group. ACPL is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Silver Jewelry in India. We manufacture silver jewelry including chains/Findings/Hoops Earrings and jewelry products. We have been formally awarded the title 'Highest Exporter in terms of Silver jewelry products' from Gems and Jewelry council of India for the last 17 years. Over 60 years we have been creating benchmarks in this industry with dedicated commitment of timely delivery at very stiff competitive prices. We provide personal and intensive customer service. The company’s straight forward approach builds trust and confidence with clients. We guarantee every shipment of silver jewelry we supply meets or exceed industry standards for sterling silver purity. Our quality control standards require that all our manufactured products are routinely submit to assay-testing for solid, consistent 925 sterling silver purity. We offer anti tarnish finish by dip process and can plate in flash, Micron gold plating and Palladium base rhodium plating and Rhodium plating as well. We also offer E-coating finish on some of our products.